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Why Your Refrigerator is Not Cooling? – Troubleshoot Refrigerator Issues

Be it a small bakery, a restaurant kitchen or a supermarket, a refrigerator for commercial applications is an essential electrical appliance for all businesses that require storage for perishable food items as well as items that need to be consumed cold. So, if a commercial freezer or refrigerator is not cooling properly, it can be a cause of great concern. But it’s important that you keep calm and check for common problems.

Common Cooling Problems and Their Solutions

Most refrigerator cooling problems do not require you to seek professional help from your commercial refrigerator supplier. You can first evaluate the appliance yourself, and if the issue is a common one, you can take care of it yourself.

Here are some common problems that you can solve by yourself:

  • Check the power source:

A loose plug or circuit breakage in the socket is another common cause of your refrigerator not cooling. In fact, customer support for most commercial refrigerator manufacturers in India would also suggest you follow the same approach when you call them to raise a service request. So, next time you find your refrigerator not cooling properly, first check the power source.

  • Scrutinize the vents:

Blocked air vents due to haphazardly placed containers are one of the most common causes of low cooling in commercial refrigerators. So, if you encounter low cooling in your refrigerator, check if some of your trays or containers have obstructed the airflow from the vents before calling your commercial refrigerator supplier.

  • Analyse the condenser coils:

Condenser coils are a crucial component in a refrigerator for commercial use because they are responsible for dispensing cool air through the refrigerator. These coils work perfectly, except when there is a thick layer of dust and grease accumulating on them.

So, if your power source is fine and the vent is not blocked, your next step should be to inspect the coils and clean them if there is dirt. In fact, as a practice, you can clear your commercial refrigerator’s condenser coils every 3 months.

  • Examine the door of your refrigerator:

Door misalignment is another common problem that results in low cooling of your refrigerator for commercial use. For door misalignment, there can be two reasons – incorrect placement on the stand and actual door misalignment. If it’s the first, you can do it manually or with the help of a professional, but, for the second reason, you will need a replacement.

There is also the case of a faulty door gasket. It usually happens in old refrigerators where the gaskets are worn out. In such cases, replacing the gasket can solve the problem.

When to Get Expert Help for Your Refrigerator Cooling Issues?

If none of these troubleshooting tips worked for you, it’s time to call for professional help. Most leading commercial refrigerator manufacturers in India offer an extended warranty which covers the repair and replacement of major parts and components of your commercial refrigeration unit.

However, if you wish to change your refrigerator for commercial use, you can always explore the wide variety of eco-friendly refrigeration products at Western Equipments – one of the leading commercial refrigerator manufacturers in India.

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