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Key Signs Your Commercial Refrigerator Needs To Be Serviced

Exorbitantly high electricity bills, spoiled food, and visible signs of deterioration – if you are facing any or all of these troubles with your commercial refrigeration unit, then it is time to schedule a repair for the equipment.

As is the case with any piece of machinery, your commercial freezer or refrigerator needs maintenance and timely servicing. The trick lies in determining when said time is upon you.

There are several glaring signs that your refrigerator for commercial use requires repair, such as:

Stale Food Is Not Good For Anyone

The foremost tell-tale sign of a deteriorating commercial refrigeration unit is stale food. A commercial freezer is designed to keep an assortment of food fresh for a long time, but if the equipment is failing at its key job, it’s time to take it to the doctor or call the doctor to your premises.

Skyrocketing Energy Bills

Another clear sign that you must waste no time in getting a repair scheduled for your commercial freezer is exorbitant electricity bills. It is no secret that any operational issues in a refrigerator for commercial purposes can cause it to consume more electricity than is necessary.

Trouble With the Door

The door of your commercial freezer is an important part of its design. It keeps the cooling mechanism working by way of protecting the interior of the refrigerator from room temperature. Should the door for your commercial refrigerator not be closing properly or entirely, it is important to book a repair appointment.

Ice Ice Everywhere

If you notice a visible layer of ice or condensation on the inside or the outside of your commercial freezer, it could entail issues with the gaskets or humidity control mechanism. Excessive condensation can also be a result of your commercial refrigeration unit being stocked beyond its designated capacity.

Warm Exteriors

Excessive heat on the door or the sides of your commercial freezer is another marker of equipment malfunction. This could be due to the refrigerator having low levels of refrigerant. In such a scenario, it is recommended to arrange for an expert technician to check the equipment at the earliest.

An Ageing Machine

The most glaring sign of your commercial freezer needing repair is its age. All machines have a maximum life and a refrigerator for commercial use is no exception. After ten to fifteen years of usage, your commercial refrigeration unit is likely to have a high level of malfunction, visible and invisible alike.

What’s That Noise?!

Although it is normal for a commercial freezer to emit a low noise at all times, what is not normal is any extreme sound. Should you hear noises of the ilk of clatters, buzzing, humming, or dripping from your commercial freezer, the odds are that there is something wrong with the equipment and it requires urgent repair.

Schedule a Repair Appointment Now!

You have read the signs relaying that your commercial freezer needs repair. Do not ignore these signs! Schedule a repair appointment for your commercial refrigeration unit right now, and spare yourself the trouble of having to replace the entire unit.

You can benefit from the services of excellent manufacturers and service providers for refrigerators for commercial use in India, for instance, Western Equipments, and be assured of quality service delivery.

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