Commercial Refrigerator, Deep Freezer

How to Choose the Best Deep Freezer

A deep freezer is the perfect equipment to store frozen foods products and other perishable items at sub-zero temperatures. It is a safe cold-storage solution suited for the food and beverage, hotel, and healthcare industries. 

If you are looking to buy a deep freezer, here are some handy tips to help you.

  1. Types of Deep Freezers

Deep freezers are available in different styles. The most commonly used ones are:

  • Hardtop deep freezer
  • Glass top deep freezer
  • Eutectic freezer
  • Scooping parlour
  • Freezer on wheels
  • Convertible deep freezer

You need to assess your storage and business needs to determine which type of deep freezer would be more suitable. For example, a hardtop or glass top deep freezer is a good option to store ice-creams and frozen food products in bulk. Freezer on wheels is better if you run a small food business on the go and frequently need to change locations.

  1. Floor Space

You will need to calculate the floor space to accommodate the deep freezer. Measure the area of floor space to compare the dimensions and ensure the deep freezer will fit. Make sure that you also measure the dimensions of the door through which the equipment will pass through during the installation.

  1. Features

The features of deep freezers vary from one brand to another. Look for the following key features at the time of purchase:

  • Volume
  • Internal and external dimensions
  • Temperature range
  • Insulation
  • Number of baskets
  • High ambient temperature
  • Safety compliance
  • Compressor
  • Energy efficiency
  • Lock and key arrangement
  1. Budget

The commercial deep freezer price depends on the style, storage capacity, design, manufacturing brand, and several other parameters. Choose the equipment that fits into your budget and offers value for money.

  1. Door Configuration

Deep freezers come with different door styles. You can open it by lifting the lid upwards. You can slide the door to either side. Some have solid doors while others have glass tops. Select a deep freezer based on the type of door or lid you would be comfortable with.

  1. Energy Consumption

Deep freezers have a high-volume use and need cooling technology. Hence, they consume more power. This means that your electricity bills will soar and affect your profits. Look for models that guarantee energy efficiency.

  1. Customer Service

Deep freezers need routine maintenance so that they can perform optimally at all times. Make sure that your supplier or seller provides upkeep and after-sales services.
The final parameter in your choice-making process rests on the deep freezer manufacturer. Buy the equipment from a manufacturer who has years of experience in deep-freezing technology and offers a wide range of products to cater to every business need.