Best Practices for Keeping Your Ice Machine Running Smoothly
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Best Practices for Keeping Your Ice Machine Running Smoothly

In 1851, John Gorrie was awarded a patent in the US for his ice-maker machine. That was the
world’s first automated ice cube maker. Modern ice-maker machines are definitely a lot more
sophisticated in terms of their technology and functionality.
As ‘cool’ as they are, they are also a hotbed for germs and bacteria, like any other machine that
requires water storage. Ice-maker machines need to be cleaned regularly to avoid all sorts of
bacteria as well as the formation of slime or mould.
Since ice-maker machines are typically used commercially, public health is involved. At such large
scales, there needs to be a dedicated team whose duty is to keep the machines clean. Here is how
they can do it.

Tips to Keep Ice-Maker Machines Clean

1. Unplug the machine
The machine has intricate wiring but at the same time stores and works with water. As it
goes with refrigerators, this machine should be unplugged before cleaning. It’s safer to
unplug and then go about it.

2. Involve Someone Who Knows the Machine
In India, ice-maker machines are not as commonplace as refrigerators yet. They are also a
little more complex in how they work. Having one person in your team trained by the brand is the best practice to ensure that the equipment is cleaned without causing any wear and tear.

3. Sanitize and Disinfect
In an ice-maker machine, the interior surfaces are already damp or wet, which is what
makes it a hotbed for slime and bacteria. To kill all the pathogens, the water needs to be
removed and the interior surface needs to be disinfected with a cloth dipped in sanitiser or
spray sanitiser and wipe with a cloth. Be sure to use a cloth with no lint, like microfiber.

4. Clean From the Outside
To clean the outside of the machine, use a vacuum cleaner to get the dust away. If a cloth
is used, the dirt might just get displaced and move toward a nozzle, which is counter-
After vacuuming, you can wipe the outer surface with a damp cloth. There might be certain
darker or dim areas which are hard to reach. Use a flashlight to inspect those areas

5. Increase the Frequency of Cleaning
Ice-maker machines are most commonly used in hotels, conference spaces, or other hospitality establishments. To ensure public safety, the ice-maker machines should be cleaned at least weekly.

In addition to this, whether the cleaning is done by your own team or by a vendor, make sure to
double-check for the standard of cleanliness.
In conclusion, keeping your ice maker machine clean is essential for maintaining its efficiency and
prolonging its lifespan. By following the simple steps outlined in this guide, you can easily and
effectively clean your ice maker machine and keep it in top condition.
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